MAY 1 - 7 2020

The most courageous thing we can do is be ourselves.


Join us for a journey back to love, authenticity, courage, connectedness, and infinite possibility.

Together we will create a safe and sacred space for healing, creativity, movement, and growth. Joy, peace, and freedom comes from within when we can live from our Wild Truth. From this space that is free of the burden of past conditioning, beliefs, and experiences we can step into the present moment and into the power and limitless potential that exists in each and everyone of us.


Coaching Session
Sound Bath
Time in Nature
Nutritious Food
Collective Good Gathering

Safe and sacred space for healing, creativity, movement, and growth.



futurehippie + georgina miranda

Mika and Rayk

Mika, aka Meike, originally came from the hair cosmetics before she found her passion in yoga. Nearly 20 years of experience in the field of external beauty, of which she worked 10 years for L’Oreal.

Since 2005 Mika is practicing Hatha Yoga. At first, she saw yoga more as a counterbalance to her athletic involvement in gym, Crossfit, swimming, or running before she discovered that yoga can mean more.

Today, her daily yoga practice is her base from which she draws her energy and recharges strength for all the adventures. Mika has completed her yoga teacher training in Bali and India and is certified with more than 600 hours. She is registered as teacher at Yoga Alliance.

She taught in Bali, Gili Trawangan, Germany, Spain, India, Cambodia and Malaysia under her first label “Mika-Yoga”.

In October 2017 she met Rayk in Berlin at a Workshop. She was about to move abroad but this couldn’t stop their love story, as he decided to followed her. At the Vagabond Temple in Cambodia they worked & lived together until they decided to create their own Yoga retreat center. Futurehippie was born.

Rayk comes from the world of finance and procurement. He has experience of more than 15 years in both fields and undergone a lot, before he decided in 2017 to leave it all behind and started to travel and work abroad. Retrospectively this was the best decision he made so far – time to discover himself, his energy and his purpose in life.

It all started with a DVD in front of the TV and during several surf camps in Spain before he found his home at a Yoga studio in Berlin – luckily the one where he met Mika. That meeting led to his decision to follow her to Cambodia and work in a Yoga retreat.

In his time at the yoga retreat it happened, that he understood what Yoga can do good for him and that it is far more than doing asanas. In combination with meditation, Reiki and spiritual practices it supports the healing process and opens space for a deeper understanding.


Whether that be a single individual, team, or corporation Georgina is driven to have an impact on humanity and the wellbeing of our planet. She is a social entrepreneur, adventurer, motivational speaker, coach, writer, consultant, and activist combining over a decade of Corporate, Start-up and Adventure experience. She is a leadership and transformation expert with a client roster of Fortune 500 companies globally. Georgina is also the founder and Chief Visionary Officer at She Ventures, accelerating gender equality and the well-being of women globally.

Georgina is an accomplished adventurer having scaled some of the world’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest twice, traveled to 44 countries and counting, and in the process of completing adventure mega challenge of the Explorer Grand Slam- something less than 15 women have done globally. Her journey across the globe and to the highest points on earth have revealed that the greatest adventure we take is actually the one inward, that which allows us to connect to our wild truth and most authentic self. It’s from this place we can best serve the world and be a light. Sometimes the biggest mountains we climb are those in our mind. A shift in mindset holds the key to any transformation we hope to achieve and our freedom.

Georgina credits the mountains, nature, a life of adventure, and the inward spiritual journey this has all sparked to shaping who she is today. She is a reiki practitioner and a student for life of meditation.


Taling Ngam is a small fishing village on the south west of Koh Samui. Futurehippie is located directly at the beach in a really quiet surrounding. You can enjoy the magical energy from huge Banyan trees. Imagine waking up to the sound of the birds and waves; the gentle breeze blowing from the sea while you sit on a yoga platform facing the 5 islands in front of you. That’s how you start the day before closing your eyes for your meditation followed by your yoga practice…..


All Inclusive Packages Starting @ 1199 USD
Early Bird Special Through Dec. 31 // 10% Off


6 nights of accommodation (single or double)
Organic vegan meals daily
2 yoga classes per day (5 days)
Daily Workshops
Sound Bath
1 Individual Coaching Session with Georgina
Time in Beautiful Nature
Collective Good Gathering

Safe and sacred space for healing, creativity, movement, and growth.


Retreat and program open to all fitness levels and all experience levels in yoga and meditation
Price includes airport and ferry transfers
Price ranges for accommodation from 1199-1299 USD depending on double or single occupancy
Program begins May 1 @ 3 PM and ends May 7 @ Noon
Trip planning services available for those wanting to travel before or after the retreat in Thailand or Asia for $150 USD.


Step into your Wild Truth

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